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Alternative Approaches to Disability

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Intro: Effrenata [Jul. 8th, 2006|07:28 pm]
Alternative Approaches to Disability


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Greetings. I am your moderator, effrenata. I created this community because I want to have a place to discuss my own disability issues, and to explore disability from a non-leftist perspective. I am libertarian, myself (anarcho-capitalist/ agorist/ mutualist) but the community will not be limited to libertarians.

A bit about me and my experiences with disability: I currently have rheumatoid arthritis. My case is, I suppose, rather severe -- I can walk only very short distances, I can't bend down without holding on to something, and I can sit for long periods only in chairs with perfectly straight, vertical backs (just try finding one). I do not have health insurance and I cannot afford professional health care, so I've been working on healing my condition myself, using alternative methods. A couple months ago, I discovered that I have candida (using the spit test), and that candida infection is a common cause of rheumatoid symptoms. I purchased a probiotic product called ThreeLac to eliminate the candida. Since I began using it, I've stopped having noticeable flare-ups; my fingers stopped cramping up and I can write or type every day, and I have tons more energy and have been getting the house cleaned and organized (it looked like an incredible dump due to the year I could barely walk at all).

My goal is eventually to gain a complete healing, and be able to walk, shop, work, and live a normal life. I regard my illness as a challenge to overcome, and take pride in my progress towards improvement. I also practice New Age spirituality, including the Big Taboo for disabled people: I believe that consciousness influences matter, that each of us creates our own reality and each individual has the power within to heal her- or himself. (This philosophical idea is given a lot of very negative judgement by the standard disability community. Apparently, that doesn't count as religious discrimination, when the religion is one disfavored by the left.)

As a sidenote, I am also median/midcontinuum -- not a disability, just a way of being.

Anyway, welcome. I'd be interested in hearing the stories of other people who join.

[User Picture]From: none_too_subtle
2006-07-09 08:52 pm (UTC)
Although I'm taking a "journal vacation" right now, my sincerest hope is that those who do find your community "get it." Really understand what you're trying to accomplish here, and even help through either things learned or tried-and-true experiences.

Once I get these pesky life issues out of the way, I'm going to tell ya my little story (or the Cliff Notes; wouldn't presume to bore ANYone with all of it...lol), and maybe even give you a few ideas I've learned over the past couple of weeks, even, that could improve your quality of life. This is, I think, what we're all seeking.

You know, without either a morphene drip or worse...thorazine. LOL :>
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