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alt_disability's Journal

Alternative Approaches to Disability
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This community is for people with disabilities or chronic illness who disagree with the current dominant paradigm in the disability activism community, and who are seeking alternative approaches to living with and healing their physical conditions. Some possible ideas include:

* An individualistic rather than social-determinist model of disability

* Actively seeking a cure or enhancement of one's physical condition

* Having an attitude of triumph and overcoming rather than passive acceptance

* Feeling a sense of personal pride and heroism in one's life

* Alternative methods of healing

* New Age and other alternative spiritual beliefs, in relation to mind-body aspects of healing

* Taking full responsibility for one's life rather than blaming society

* Improving the health care system through the free market and voluntary activities, rather than taxation and government control

* Voluntary mutual aid for disabled people

... and anything else that doesn't fit into the currently accepted disabled social agenda.

Personal accounts of healing, overcoming and support are welcomed. Our goal is a to create a positive atmosphere in which we can better ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually by claiming freedom and responsibility in our own lives.