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Alternative Approaches to Disability [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Alternative Approaches to Disability

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A week? For us??? [Sep. 11th, 2007|12:41 pm]
Alternative Approaches to Disability

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The National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week, is September 10-16, 2007.

Oh, I hadn't noticed... ;}~ *rimshot*

Dangit, LJ says the embed code is invalid... It's not, you know. I's not.


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Study for women with disabilities and their male AB partners [Jun. 20th, 2007|12:32 am]
Alternative Approaches to Disability

Are you a Woman with a Disability involved with an Able-bodied man?

Or an Able-bodied man involved with a Woman with a Disability?

Is your Disability Visible to other People when you are out in Public?

If so and you live in surrounding Bay Area of Northern California and have been in a monogamous relationship for at least one year:

You are invited to participate in a Study conducted by a psychology student at California School for Professional Psychology which Explores Your Relationship.

If you are interested Contact through this LJ page.

I am a graduate Student at Alliant International University, where I am getting a doctorate in psychology. I am looking for WOMEN with a VISIBLE PHYSICAL DISABILITIES who are with MEN who are ABLE-BODIED. THE WOMAN HAS TO HAVE HAD A VISIBLE PHYSICAL DISABILITY WHEN SHE FIRST MET THE MAN.


**This study has this particular criteria because it is studying certain factors and is not meant to be discriminatory towards anyone that does not meet this criteria. If you are a person or couple that does not meet this criteria  but would like some referrals please contact me.*:




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New Community Invitation [Jan. 23rd, 2007|01:09 pm]
Alternative Approaches to Disability

Cross posted everywhere

Hello everyone. My name is Andrea. I am a mother to a Deaf child, sister to someone who has Cerebral Palsy and is a FIERCE disability right activist, and I myself have ADHD. I am also a Student at Antioch University Seattle in a BA completion program with a class assignment that I would love for you to be a part of. My class is centered around how individuals can use their personal stories to create social change.

For my project, I would like to gather stories of experiences of medical care from people in the disabilities community. I plan on creating a booklet or zine of related art, photography, and primarily your stories to then pass on to the University of Washington's department of disability studies ( http://depts.washington.edu/chdd/ ). It is my hope that by offering your experiences, future medical care providers will have a better understanding of their impact when working with future patients.

Because of the often sensitive nature of these stories, anonymous contributions would be more than welcome. I have set up an account for those who would like to add their stories anonymously. Please see the community for more information. Please also let me know if you have any additional ideas for the direction of this project.

This community is part of a six week project. It is my hope that well after the project itself is completed, the community will continue to be a place of support and sharing

Image Description: Banner with text that reads "A story for change. What is your story?" With the image of the disabled parking logo in yellow on black pavement with the word "Change" writen underneath. Beside the symbol is an open book with the text over it that reads "A community project for positive medical care."


For more information, visit our community page.

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Intro: Effrenata [Jul. 8th, 2006|07:28 pm]
Alternative Approaches to Disability

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Greetings. I am your moderator, effrenata. I created this community because I want to have a place to discuss my own disability issues, and to explore disability from a non-leftist perspective. I am libertarian, myself (anarcho-capitalist/ agorist/ mutualist) but the community will not be limited to libertarians.

A bit about me and my experiences with disability: I currently have rheumatoid arthritis. My case is, I suppose, rather severe -- I can walk only very short distances, I can't bend down without holding on to something, and I can sit for long periods only in chairs with perfectly straight, vertical backs (just try finding one). I do not have health insurance and I cannot afford professional health care, so I've been working on healing my condition myself, using alternative methods. A couple months ago, I discovered that I have candida (using the spit test), and that candida infection is a common cause of rheumatoid symptoms. I purchased a probiotic product called ThreeLac to eliminate the candida. Since I began using it, I've stopped having noticeable flare-ups; my fingers stopped cramping up and I can write or type every day, and I have tons more energy and have been getting the house cleaned and organized (it looked like an incredible dump due to the year I could barely walk at all).

My goal is eventually to gain a complete healing, and be able to walk, shop, work, and live a normal life. I regard my illness as a challenge to overcome, and take pride in my progress towards improvement. I also practice New Age spirituality, including the Big Taboo for disabled people: I believe that consciousness influences matter, that each of us creates our own reality and each individual has the power within to heal her- or himself. (This philosophical idea is given a lot of very negative judgement by the standard disability community. Apparently, that doesn't count as religious discrimination, when the religion is one disfavored by the left.)

As a sidenote, I am also median/midcontinuum -- not a disability, just a way of being.

Anyway, welcome. I'd be interested in hearing the stories of other people who join.
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